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L1 - A New Project With Create-React-App

React For Beginners by Itera

Key Points

  • Starting new React project from scratch using create-react-app
  • Project structure
  • Files you need to know
  • Predefined commands
  • Code examples
  • Alternatives

Starting new React project from scratch using create-react-app

Open VsCode's console with CTRL+`

            npx create-react-app myproj --template typescript

Let's read it

            npx create-react-app myproj --template typescript
  • npx - the npm tool that allow you to download npm package and execute it
  • create-react-app - npm package from Meta (Facebook) that creates new project with default structure and all dependencies
  • myproj - name of the project
  • --template typescript - template to use for project scaffolding. We will use template with typescript
Simply saying:

Download the create-react-app package from npm and execute it with parameter template equals to typescript

Project structure

    index.html          // root file to load
    manifest.json       // web app metadata
    App.css             // styles related to the App component
    App.test.tsx        // tests related to the App component
    App.tsx             // App component
    index.css           // Global styles
    react-app-env.d.ts  // extra types
    reportWebVitals.ts  // performance metrics report
    setupTests.ts       // test configuration
.gitignore              // git ignore configuration
package-lock.json       // all project dependencies
package.json            // project configuration file
tsconfig.json           // typescript configuration file

Files you need to know


react - index.html


react - index.tsx


react - app.tsx


react - app.text.tsx


react - package.json

Predefined commands


Start application for local development

npm start


Tests application

npm test


Builds application for production - bundling, minification, etc

npm run build


Converts create-react-app to the regular front-end app

npm run eject

⚠️ It's one time action

Code examples

  • Open the folder with VsCode
  • Hit CTRL ~ to start terminal
  • type npm start in the console
Default UI wit create-react-app
Change code in the app.tsx and save file
            import "./App.css";

function App() {
    return (
        <div className="App">
            hello world

export default App;

Line by line

            import "./App.css";

function App() {
    return (
        <div className="App">
            hello world

export default App;

Feel free to alter the code inside the div. You can add any other HTML tag you know or text. However, tags are not HTML - it's TSX

After saving the file React will update the UI automatically. This called Hot Module Reloading

React is able to render the data as well
            import "./App.css";

const data = { greetings: "Hello World!" };

function App() {
    return (
); } export default App;



npm init vite

Vite benefits

  • Very fast HMR
  • Less dependencies

Vite cons

  • Needs more tuning - like linters
  • It's not a webpack


  • Creating new React project is very simple
  • Use npm start to start the an app locally or npm run build to build it for release

Home task

  • Create new repository at GitHub and name it react-for-beginners-itera
  • Select .gitignore from VisualStudio
  • Clone repo locally using git clone
  • Initialize new react application using npx create-react-app my-page --template typescript
  • Create a new JSON with next information:
  • First Name
  • Short biography
  • Public contacts
  • Use React to display data from the JSON on the page
  • Commit and push the results with git add ., git commit -m "Initial commit", git push

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